If you want to reach out and bring new people to faith, then you must use all the digital tools at your disposal. Just as Paul got the message of Jesus out through a series of letters to churches around the near East, your church needs to do the same with the modern equivalent: excellent web design. 

Churches, just like any other organization, need compelling websites. More than forty-six percent of people say that the quality of an organization’s web site is their number one criterion for assessing its credibility. Ninety-four percent of people said that poor web design was the primary reason why they mistrusted an organization. Suffice to say, your web design is essential. 

Check out these seven compelling reasons why your church needs great web design.


Build Trust In Your Community

Churches, just like nonprofits and regular businesses, need to build trust with the people in their community. A friendly, easy-to-navigate website builds confidence that your church is welcome and inviting and has the spiritual expertise and wisdom to handle their spiritual needs.

Spread The Message Of Jesus

Did you know that nearly a third of people first learn about their church through its website? The quality of your site experience could be the difference between attracting a new member of your congregation and allowing them to slip through the net. 

Reach New People

Excellent web design helps you reach new people in your community who need to hear the message of the Gospel. The more responsive your website and the better optimized for mobile, the higher search engines will rank it. A person could type into Google something like “churches near me,” “local church” or “churches in {location}?” and your web pages could pop up in results. 

Provide Effective Community Services

Churches aren’t just places where people go to worship God; they’re also local hubs. The majority of churches do work in the community and need open channels of communication with beneficiaries. An easy-to-navigate church website helps people find the resources that they need and get in touch with you when they have a problem. 

Organize Events

Churches like to organize events, whether its a fundraiser, camping trips, or evangelical community work. Great web design can integrate things like sign-up sheets and forms, making it easy for you to see who will be in attendance and who has paid. 

Connect Your Congregation

Clunky, slow-loading web pages make it difficult for your congregation to find out what your church is doing and to connect with each other. If pages take ages to load, people are less likely to engage with other people, something which could have unwanted knock-on effects on your entire community. 

Cut Your Admin Costs

Administration is a significant drain on your church’s finances. You’d much prefer it if donated money went to good causes, not shuffling papers around. With a well-designed website, however, you can automatically collect mailing lists, provide pertinent information, and keep all of your stakeholders informed about what you plan to do next. 

Having a great website design is just one of the marketing tools that you will need to build a great website.

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