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Our SEO Team was approached by UHS, the largest healthcare conglomerate in the Southern-tier region of New York. They came to us with two goals in mind. Their first goal was to outrank their primary competitor Lourdes who had a stronger search-based presence. Their second goal was to expand their presence from two base locations to a larger geographical region including over ten cities.

Well within two months of launching the SEO campaign for them UHS reached their goal of being the #1 spot on Google for their primary keyword. Now UHS occupies the first 5. They went on in a two-year period to continue to move up the rankings from 100 to over 500 and their traffic increased by 4,000 unique visitors per month. In addition, UHS was able to expand their presence to exceed their geographic goal of ten cities to include over 12 cities and counties, ranging over a 100-mile radius.  The search traffic even crossing the New York state lines.

Our SEO team was approached by HealthStream, the largest provider of healthcare training and certification services for medical professionals, to bring additional intelligence and analytics to their Google Adwords campaign.

Healthstream was unhappy with their prior PPC manager and was looking for a new agency to partner with. We were asked to take their budget of $200,000 and manage an efficient PPC campaign, and enable them to better to determine advertising ROI through integrated sales lead tracking.

After working with members of their staff an AdWords campaign created with their specifications. While working with a website development firm a lead tracking system was launched to assist in determining ROI. HealthStream was able after the launch of the tracking system to accurately track inbound sales and measure ROI.  In addition, they were able to measure other key metrics that had never been available in the company’s history. While maximizing their marketing budget and making better use of their data from inbound sales, HealthStream was able to achieve an all-time high for inbound sales and allocated the smallest marketing budget in three years.

Three Lollies was started by a doctor and three nurses who were looking for a way to help women naturally with nausea that can occur during pregnancy. Three Lollies wanted a branding website so our team created a marketing website for them. The project started off by creating a simple order form. From there it was identified that a complete e-commerce back end needed to be created. Our team’s SEO techniques were applied to also help improve the performance of their new site. The SEO techniques allowed Three Lollies’ to gain search rankings and traffic on the major search engines and also drive record sales thus expanding their business. They have gained so much success and just recently launched a line of products to help travelers who experience motion sickness.

The Family Care Foundation (FCF), a non-profit relief organization that works to improve the quality of life for people in developing nations. FCF tasked our SEO Team with launching a searched based campaign to help with a national car donation program. Through the right combination of SEO, the program expanded into a primary source of income. In addition, the SEO services were able to help identify corporate sponsors and other revenue streams. This helped the organization to continue its growth. FCF has become an authority in relief services and provides relief to people in need around the world.

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