Google Grant Management For Non-Profits & Churches

 Make a Greater Impact with a Google Ad Grant 

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What Could Your Organization Do with a Google Grant?

You could attract more donations, recruit more volunteers/members, drive your mission and share your story. We offer Cleveland Google Grant management services to help qualifying nonprofits and churches do that by helping you secure the $10,000/month Google Ad Grant and provide ongoing management to keep you qualified. Google grants for nonprofit will help you expand your reach, bring in more donations and further your mission.


What do you get from a Google Grant for Non-profit?


Credited Google Ad Credits

Non-profits who qualify receive a monthly credit of $10,000 in free online Google advertising (pay-per-click ads), with a maximum budget of $329/month.


Yearly Budget For Google Ads

As long as you manage your account you will never have to reapply for the grant. You will continue receiving $10,000 each month or $120,000/year!



New Donors/Members

When your ad is clicked you will receive 5,000 new visitors per month from those clicks. Each time your ad is clicked $2 will be deducted from the monthly budget of $10,000.



No Minimum Spend

Since your grant allows you to only spend $10,000/month in ad spend. You will never have to worry about going over budget. 



Google Ad Reporting

Using Google Analytics you will be able to measure your ad’s performance, the visitor behavior once they land on your site, the number of conversions, average website session, etc.



Keyword Research

As part of our Cleveland Google Grant management, we research specific keywords for each of your campaigns to ensure you are targeting the right audience.



How to Qualify for a Google Grant for Nonprofits

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:


  • Hold current 501c3 status
  • Not be a government organization
  • Not be a childcare center or academic institution
  • Not be a hospital or medical group
  • Must have a high-quality website with a clear description of your organization, mission, and activities. and a live website with substantial content.
  • Agree to Google’s terms and conditions.

What is Google Grants Management?

In order to remain eligible, Google requires non-profits to maintain a 5% click rate on their ads, which requires a great deal of time and skilled maintenance. Many non-profits and churches in Cleveland outsource their Google Grant management to a third party such as Alinko, in order to maximize the impact of the grant and remain eligible.


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