Practically every nonprofit in existence stands to benefit enormously from digital marketing. Digital marketing can help your nonprofit raise awareness of a cause, collect more donations, and increase community engagement. It can also help organizations in the not-for-profit sector to obtain more substantial individual contributions and attract the attention of wealthy benefactors. Reaching out over the internet is vital. 

Unfortunately, the majority of nonprofits do not use digital marketing tools as well as they could. Over seventy-four percent admit to having no digital strategy document, and forty-one per cent don’t use marketing metrics to align with their organization’s goals. 

Nonprofits would be less apathetic if they understand how to master digital marketing to fuel their growth.  

Digital Marketing Is NOT About You

Nonprofits often have the idea that any digital marketing that they do should be about them and their work. This approach, however, is unlikely to get your organization any closer to its goals. Donors are tired (or just not interested) in reading about how great your organization is or how much money you’ve raised so far. It’s not something that tugs on their emotions. 

As a nonprofit, you shouldn’t focus your marketing on you and your organization. Instead, turn your attention outwards, share the transformations of the people you are helping and find ways to evoke emotions of compassion. This, more than anything else, will convince people to part with their money and support your cause. 

Use Online Marketing Channels To Tell Stories

Stories are one of the best ways to avoid talking about yourself and focus on the incredible work that your nonprofit is doing. We touched on this above but wanted to drive the point home that your potential donors love stories because they can find out about the work that you’re doing in the community and how you’re making a difference to the lives of real people. A statistic like “2,000 people off the street” might sound good from a societal level, but it’s the individual characters that interest people the most. Focus on these. 

Shout About Your Donors On Social Media And Your Blogs And Videos

Donors and volunteers want to feel that you care about the enormous sacrifices that they make giving time and money to your organization. Don’t ignore them. Talk about them on your social media accounts and email newsletters. Edify them with stories about how hard they worked on your cause and their role. The more you praise your donors, the more likely they are to give more. 

Change The Way You Use Language On Your Digital Marketing Channels

Nonprofits can’t do any work without the generosity of volunteers and donors. You should make this fact evident in the language you use in your digital marketing. 

Instead of saying:

“We have helped 2,000 people get off the streets and into safe accommodation” in your next newsletters try, 

“Because of your hard work and support, 2,000 people are now off the streets and living in safe accommodation.”

Can you see the difference? In the first instance, you make it sound as if your organization is working alone to solve these problems. You’re taking the credit. In the second example, you’re giving credit where it’s due: to the people who supported you. Just this simple change of language can drive social media engagement and fuel your organization’s growth. 

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