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Our ultimate intent is to offer stellar digital marketing strategies for law firms, helping attorneys develop their practice, extend their clientele reach, and generate an even higher new client revenue. One out of every three potential clients first visits the internet when they need the services of an attorney and over 90%of those that need legal advice first go online for help. As an attorney, to stand a chance of growing the online presence of your law firm or expanding your clientele base, you would need to find an effective way of connecting with the plethora of people that search the internet daily in a bid to find legal counsel and guidance. This includes connecting with potential clients across several channels through digital marketing for law firms. With our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and our 10 step process, we can help you leverage the power of the internet to help you practically and sustainably grow your practice.

Get Your Phone Ringing with Digital Marketing for Law Firms 

Our Cleveland digital marketing agency for Law firms harnesses all the advantages of having a strong online presence and connecting with potential clients online to help you increase your Law Firm’s exposure to both potential and existing clients.

Website Design For Law Firms

Do you know that 70% of Law firms generate new cases through their website? The best attorneys cannot excel in their practice if they do not get the right amount of exposure to do so. It’s essential that your website reflects the true image of your law firm online – an outdated, or poorly designed website does the complete opposite.

SEO For Law Firms

Every time that one in three people go online to seek legal counsel and your law firm fails to appear on the search listings is another potential client lost to your competition. We understand how important it is to have a strong online presence, and our devoted Cleveland SEO team for law firms will help you create relevant and researched web content to maximize your online visibility and provide value to your website visitors. We aim to drive increased traffic to your website by helping you dominate major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Video Marketing For Law Firms

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage and connect with people on the internet. By 2020, the majority of the traffic on the internet will be driven by video-related content. Digital marketing for law firms that incorporates video marketing has been reported to increase internet traffic and engagement by 41%. We can help you make and manage excellent video content to enhance your online engagement and increase your web traffic.

Social Media Management for Law Firms PPC 

Today, most people spend more time on social media than watching television or reading the papers. Over 85% of attorneys now use social media as a key part of their marketing strategy. Effective digital marketing for law firms can help you make the best of the millions of people that are active on major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. We can help you build a valuable social media brand, manage social media content and increase your social media engagement across various social platforms.

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