Our Project Management Process

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Alinko believes that a strong project management process is key to ensuring that your project doesn’t go off the rails and that it’s successful. With our step by step process, we provide your Cleveland website design, branding, and SEO services that work for you.

Step 1:


We spend time learning as much as possible about your organization’s goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Step 2:

Strategic Planning

To ensure your digital marketing project is a success. The first thing we do is finalize your strategic goals, predictable outcomes (milestones), and align timelines and budgets to accommodate your business’ digital marketing goals.

Step 3:


We finalize everything and ensure our service department is properly educated on all aspects of your project. We call this our project calibration phase.

Step 4:


This is when you are introduced to your Project Manager, train you on our project management portal and review all communication standards and procedures. We believe the cornerstone to all successful relationships is open and transparent communications. This allows for 100% transparency about your project. You will be able to access this portal 24/7.

Step 5:


Whether it be ads, branding (website, etc…), or eliminating follow-up failure (emails, text, video), it all starts with appealing and converting copy.

Step 6:


Its time to bring your strategic business vision to life. Our world-class designers will work to create an engaging design that encompasses all aspects of your brand messaging.

Step 7:


Now is when all the technical magic happens (some people call it “geek speak”). We are fluent in “geek speak,” and we will translate all technical aspects of our Cleveland nonprofit website design, branding, and SEO services in easy to understand business language.

Step 8:

Beta Testing

Now is when you will get a checklist to ensure each element of your campaign is working properly before we launch it. Once you are reassured that everything is flowing as it should, the real fun begins.

Step 9:

Client Training/Go Live

We believe in empowering you to be successful. So we will train you on how to read our status reports and how to get the support you need. Then we officially launch your campaign and Go Live!

Step 10:


After running paid traffic to all digital assets and monitoring conversions rates on a weekly basis we provide a report on the results of your campaign. We then measure the effectiveness of our work by looking at what’s working so we can improve on it.  And the only reason we’re measuring how well we’ve been doing is figuring out what we can do better. If something’s not performing, as it should be, we’ll refine it. If it’s not working at all, we drop it. If it exceeds our expectations, we will double down. Alinko are the experts in Cleveland nonprofit website design, branding, and SEO. Let our services make your organization even more successful.

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