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Will Your Church or Non-Profit be Found Online?


“Non-profit organizations near me” in the United States is searched on Google more than 12,000 times a month. That’s how many people try to find organizations with which they can volunteer, donate or partner.  Is your organization going to be found in their Google search? 

For Churches there are 2 types of individuals you want to show up in the search for:

  • People in the US are looking for a church to attend online. There are 30,000 related searches to online church or church services online, which is why live streaming is so important.
  • People who are looking online for answers to “felt needs” that churches like yours have ministries to support.

In order to be found in the search engines for these popular searches, your site must be optimized. As Cleveland’s top SEO marketing agency for nonprofits and churches across the US, we want to partner with you to ensure your church website is found.

Other Reasons Why SEO for Church Websites in the USA is so important

  • People are looking on Google, Bing and many other places for a church, not their mailbox.
  • Mailings and Ads get expensive and when you stop either your visibility stops and your chance to reach them halts.

For Non-Profits, SEO is extremely important

  • Mobile accounted for 40% of all visitors, tablets for 10%, and desktop users made up the other 50%.
  • Past studies have shown that users are 7 times more likely to visit your nonprofit’s website before visiting your social media platform.
  • Optimizing your donation pages with the right keywords can help boost online donations.
  • SEO will strengthen your support network by optimizing your signup pages for events, volunteer opportunities, and blogs. 


Increase Your Visibility Online

We offer a high-performance SEO program catered to nonprofits and churches. Our Cleveland SEO marketing agency has over 2 decades of search engine optimization experience. So rather you want to rank locally or nationally, we’ve got you covered. With our SEO program, you can expand your reach and get found online by those looking for an organization like yours. Within just a few months you could be ranking #1.


Benefits Of SEO For Nonprofits and Churches

Generate Traffic to Your Website

Any non-profit or church can set up a website and put content on it, but you have to put some work into it to get people to actually go to that site organically. Researching what your audience is looking for and what their interests are will help improve the non-profit optimization carried out in SEO.

Save Money

The detailed information provided by SEO will help you improve your overall digital marketing efforts so that you can make an impact even without a large budget and staff.

Long Term Success

Optimizing your site will bring you ongoing success over the coming years. Social media advertising and PPC advertising only last as long as you feed money into those platforms, but non-profit/church SEO builds on continuous improvement as you add more keywords, content, and updates to build your site’s strength and number of visits you receive.

Rank Higher in Search

The greatest advantage of working with a Cleveland SEO marketing agency for non-profits and churches is the increased rankings of your organization with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher you rank organically, the more often you can be found when your audience searches for keywords that are optimized on your site, which means you don’t pay for that position.

Our SEO Performance Guarantee

Our monthly SEO service guarantee covers all areas of search engine growth.

Search Based Clicks

Capture a minimum of 5 new keyword rankings from relevant search phrases that have generated search-based clicks to your website.

Increased Rankings

While individual keyword rankings may increase or decrease, there will be a minimum net ranking gain of 25 positions for all active rankings.


Alinko will waive its service fee for SEO services in any month that the above performance conditions (1) & (2) are not met.

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