Churches for the unchurched individual provide a place for spiritual discovery and growth to take place. More often than not, they serve as the hub for the surrounding community, bringing people together for shared encounters with Jesus. 

Unfortunately, many church leaders don’t understand the importance of local search engine optimization or local SEO. It’s an essential tool that you can use to get your website to rank high in Google results so that local people can find out more about you. 

When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense for churches to try to rank in search results for general keywords. When people look for a church, they’re almost always looking for one in their local area, just as they might a hairdresser or car mechanic. 33 percent of churchgoers say that they found out about their church over the internet.

Check out the following top three reasons why local SEO is essential for your church. 

Check out the following top three reasons why local SEO is essential for your church. 

It Makes Sure Your Organization Shows Up When People Type In Relevant Keywords

Churches, like restaurants, hotels, zoos, and other public attractions, need to have good visibility on Google. Fortunately, Google makes this process more accessible through a service that it calls “Google My Business.” Your church isn’t a “business” as such, but it can benefit from the service. 

The way Google My Business Works is simple. You set up a Google account for your church and then apply to register on the Google My Business system. Google will then send a physical envelope to your address with a code on it to confirm that you do, in fact, work there. 

Once you’re set up on Google My Business, your church will appear in search results alongside other churches and related businesses in your local area. People will be able to see when you’re open, when you get busy, and a link to your website, all from the Google search results page. 

It Helps You Build A Positive Reputation 

Local SEO is vital for churches for another reason: it helps you get found so you can start building a positive reputation in the community. You could spend your money on a general SEO campaign designed around a bunch of generic, non-location-specific keywords. But if you do this, it’s unlikely that you’ll attract people from your local area. You won’t get a good return on each dollar that you spend. 

Local SEO, on the other hand, can help you build your standing in the community and encourage more locals to get involved with your church. You can invite people to leave positive reviews of your church on Google Reviews, Foursquare, and Yelp which all feed into your page and domain rankings (the ranking for all pages associated with your website). 

It Makes It Easy For New Members To Find You

Do you want to grow the size of your church? Do you want to spread the word of God to more people in your community? If so, then local SEO is the tool that you need to use. 

The reason local SEO is so great is that you specifically target the people who live close by and are most likely to get involved. You can use local SEO to drive engagement in all kinds of ways. Examples include: 

  • Getting people to attend Sunday services
  • Organizing community events and fundraisers
  • Telling people about the positive work of the church in the community

As you can see local SEO is critical to any church looking to grow and be found by those seeking a church nearby. This coupled with a great website design gets more people through your doors to attend your Sunday services.

Would you like some help with implementing local SEO so that you are found locally? Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our Team Members!

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