If you are looking for some of the most effective fundraising ideas for your non-profit organization, you’re in the right place. Your non-profit organization needs to have cash flow coming in so that you can continue to do what you do best. Getting involved in fundraising online doesn’t just show you an entirely new audience, it also gives you the chance to go for a fresh approach for your cause and raising money to keep it alive.

Below, you’ll find the five top most effective fundraising ideas for your non-profit organization, as well as why we think it’ll be a good option for you!


You’ve probably heard of this one; crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways that non-profit organizations can bring in some much-needed cash. There are networks of donors already established in the friends, coworkers, family members and supporters that are ready to bring the money into your organization. The platform for crowdfunding enables you to reach many possible donors, and you have the chance to engage with those who support you. Lastly, it’s more than efficient for keeping your online fundraising efforts smooth and controlled.

Social Media Fundraising

As a business, you’re probably used to using social media to advertise and raise awareness for your cause. However, you can also use it to raise funds, and it’s a powerful way to do so! You can add a simple “Donate” button to your Facebook site to keep the funds moving forward, reaching people directly who support you. This then gives you endless possibilities when it comes to donors.

Online Donation Forms

It’s one of the most traditional ways to raise money online for a -non-profit organization. Sending out donation forms to keep the lines of awareness open for your visitors is smart. Make those donation forms optimized for your smartphone users, and all site visitors will be able to donate to your non-profit organization. You can even use these forms to accept recurring donations and have them linked to PayPal so that you can save your users from filling out the forms over and over again.

Run A Competition

Everyone loves an online competition, especially when they can be set up with widgets on your website and social media at the same time. The competition templates can be password protected and secured easily, and you can even set automatic dates to close the contest so that the form can only be accessed for a time. We love this idea as a way to offer a prize for donations, and people love a prize!

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